Thursday, December 23, 2010

Marshall has reached the Purple period of crying. You know the one... where he goes all purple in the face because he's crying so hard, for NO REASON WHATSOEVER!? Yeah, that one. *headdesk*

He decided to show it to me last night in spades. We managed to get him to bed around 11:30pm (ish), and holy shit, he actually stayed asleep!

... till 1am, when he promptly woke me up out of a dead (and much needed!) sleep. So I got up and went to the bathroom (as my bladder was close to exploding) while he screamed in the bedroom. I then changed him, and fed him. By 1:30am, he'd fallen asleep on my chest while trying to burp him. So of course, I tip toe back into our bedroom and GENTLY lay him down in his bassinet, and turn on the vibration feature (I'm not even sure if it helps or not. Sometimes it seems to, other times, not even close!). I go to lay back down and all I hear is him start to make his whiny noises. It builds and builds and then he's starting to scream. I tried to give him a soother, but he wouldn't take it and it just made him more angry.

So I picked him up and cuddled him a while, till I thought he was asleep again. HE WASN'T. He wailed when I laid him down. So I picked him up again and came out to the living room. I laid him in the play pen and tried giving him a bit of gripe water to mellow him out. It didn't work. So I just let him cry, because I couldn't figure out anything else to do. I'd tried everything and I was ready to scream. It was about 2am now.

Around 2:15am I picked him up and gave him the last oz of formula in his bottle from his earlier feeding. And of course, he still wouldn't go to sleep. We had another repeat of the earlier bassinet incident when I tried to put him back to bed. Only this time, he also got the hiccups!

I brought him back out to the living room. Gave him more gripe water. IT DID NOTHING. He still hiccuped and cried and I JUST WANTED TO DIE. Tried the bassinet again. Same reaction (crying, whining, making noises, not taking soother, etc).

So back out to the living room again. It is now about 2:45am. So again, I just let him cry in the play pen while I laid on the couch and wondered when he'd stop. He was screaming himself hoarse for about half an hour. So I made another bottle and started to feed him around 3:30am. He spent nearly half an hour eating it, and only actually took 20-30ml of formula. He then, finally, fell asleep again in my arms around 4am. I put him to bed and he stayed asleep (much to my delight and surprise!).

It was around then that I wondered what the fuck I've gotten myself into. :P I hope to GOD this phase doesn't last long, or I'll seriously go mental.

And then of course, Jay brings him in this morning to put in bed with me while he takes the dog out, effectively killing any chance I may have had at catching up on my missing sleep. And, of course, Marshall just lays there staring at me with his big blue eyes making goo goo faces at me, occasionally smiling, and I melt all over again. Little bugger, has me wrapped around his finger. I just wish he had more than 2 modes tho, sleeping and FREAKING THE FUCK OUT! lol

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