Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A sick little boy

Oh my poor son! He's been sick since Thursday. At least, we suspect he was sick on Thursday. We thought it was just teething at first, but our doctor has said it's probably when he first got sick.

Lemme tell ya, nothing breaks your heart more than hearing your little one cry and cough and snort, and know there's nothing you can give them that will help (other than lots of cuddles and hugs!). It's exhausting when he won't sleep all night, but my tiredness is nothing compared to what he's going through.

This is his first cold ever, so he must be feeling pretty rotten. If he's feeling even close to the way I am (I caught his cold), then that sucks. Poor little dude.

Teething and then a cold? Dude, rough. I hope he feels better soon, and until he does I'll just keep snuggling with him and giving him kisses and zerbers on his belly. :)

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