Tuesday, September 21, 2010


So as I sit here, eating my extra-fatty yogurt (seriously, this stuff is 47% of my daily saturated and trans fat intake!), I ponder my growing belly that is peeking out from below my shirt. And I ponder the fact that my belly is peeking out from below my shirt.

Funny thing is, I bought this tank top not too long ago, and it was extra long and stretchy. I bought it in a large. I bought 4 of them in the same style, in the same size, because none of my other shirts fit anymore. And they were gloriously comfy and fit perfectly!

...that is, until I let a certain someone go do laundry without me.

You see, he remembered not to put my undies in the dryer. But he forgot that my tank tops couldn't go in the dryer either. So now, they're tiny. And by tiny, I mean minuscule. If I stand up, my shirt now soars to the middle of my growing belly and I look like someone you'd see on People Of Walmart! In other words... not very classy.


So now my tank tops, that I got to wear all of once each, are now only to be worn around the house. Which leaves me very limited clothing options for going out. Pffft! Going out? When do I do that? Ah well, I guess now that the colder weather is here, I can always sport them under one of DH's hoodies and no one has to be witness to my bulging belly.

Lesson here? Either make sure I go with DH to do laundry, or remind him before he leaves not to put ANYTHING of mine in the dryer.

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