Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Cats and kids

As Noah tears around the house in a wild frenzy of his own making, I am still amused by the fact that I talk to him like a child.

He darts into the kitchen where I'm sitting, reading someone else's blog, and meows loudly at me.

"What?" I ask.

"MEOW!" he responds.

"What are you doing, you nut job?" I ask affectionately.


He flips onto his back and starts licking his foot.

"Do you want some catnip?"

"Meeeooowwww!!" he cries as he follows me to the cupboard I keep it in. I've learned that when he starts sucking his foot like that, it's his way of saying he wants catnip.

I reach up and grab the little baggie with the loose catnip in it, and shake it at him. He jumps up and tries to claw my fingers to death while attempting to steal the whole bag.

I fish out a little finger-pinch of it and bend down to give it to him. He grabs onto my fingers with a death-lock and tries to eat them. I sprinkle it on the floor and put the catnip back in the cupboard.

Now he'll lay there for at least a good half hour, rolling in it, chewing himself, and eating it.

Cats are like babies. Sometimes, they go on and on and you have no idea what they want, or why they just won't stop crying. Other times, it's blissfully obvious and makes my life a whole lot easier (and quieter). I'm so glad I've had my cat for practise... I've gotten quite good at reading his subtle signs.

Let's hope it'll be that easy with Marshall!

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